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[칼럼] | [eng] How to invest and sell new mining alt coins

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Miner Auto Switch function according to profitability in pool is not a very good for small alt coin.

Due to the rapid change of hash, it does not help stable operation of the blockchain.

Also, it cause a mining centralization on big capped coin.

The new altcoin should buy and sell the long-term vision of the project, but selling it automatically according to profitability does not help the profitability of the miner.

Since the coin operator can not accept all the quantities in a weak or starting trading market, the minors will not be able to sell their mined altcoin to higher price and there's dumping will make altcoins value lower.

Also, if you want to sell your desired price, you have to contribute to making the market by making a partial buy in order to keep your price.

And, you need to expand the community to power by support coin, so you support the project to long term growing.

That way, your mining coin value will increase, and your miner's long-term profitability will be maximized.

Automated trade and mining beyond the level of maintaining the mood of the trade, Auto Switching Pools and programs are a toxic to profitability, especially in the growth of beginning altcoins.

For example, even if profitability is good right now, if you put miners to pool, profitability is lowered so much, and also, AltCoin to miners is a long-term goal anyway, short-term switching does not help profitability at all.

Rather, it hashes down to a low point then, increase coins by buying and mining. To the direction of increasing the number of coins and dragging it to the target price and selling point.

In the second half of 2016, due to Etherium DDOS, ETH was not mined well, and there was no profit cover electricity charge for several months. 

But, some months later, next year 2017, Prices to the Moon, price was 10s of multiplied.  they all had tremendous profitability.

In other words, the mining coin is important when it sells in the long run. Especially the little and begining altcoins.

I think about mining and investment again.

That is, the point of sale is important.


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